My Portfolio Visual Narrative

Commissioned a rough storyboard for a client’s short film for their project.

Comic strip part of a One Minute Brief Topic ‘Life Jackets’

Given the opportunity to create a live illustration comic strip by capturing moments at the conference meeting at the Royal Opera House, The Backstage Center.


Storyboard digital illustration, Part of a group project working on a game app from the brief at the Makerversity.

Another comic i currently working on being drawn freehand

Reality to Fantasy Major Project. Comic based on everyday life we do as our same routine then the reality is turned into a fantasy world, I liked what i did about this project that relates to dreams or bad dreams that we imagine.



Fruit Island Sea Gif Animation

Short gif animation relating to the comic book i created


Testing tabloid newspaper print prototype. Short comic strip in a newspaper

Handmade folded mini comic

Handmade zine I enjoyed creating as a mini booklet

Self-promotion of my printed mini comic ‘Here I Am’

Project of the story is based on a reality of what we do in the outdoors that we enjoy doing.



Being Autistic 1 v2 Being Autistic 2 V2

The comic based about autism i created which i also submitted on the Gaurdians Open Comic


Eye Drop

Comic strip of a ‘Eye Drop’ as a short story.

Watercolour comic

Watercolour comic2

Using watercolour to fill in the space of the pages of my comic prototype.


exploration comic2

Drawn and scanned on the computer then used used photoshop to colour in my comic in a different page frame.



‘Fish Popping Out’

A gif animation I created using the painting image of the river as fishes pop out that was done in my first year as a visual narrative.



Comic colour3

Comic colour2

Comic colour


An short story of a person shaving then looks by the mirror to see whats inside.




Animation loop of zooming towards the cut and the door opens.





A bookflip of a drip dropping towards the water.


Case of Mondays Final comic

A final comic book I done as part of a visual narrative project.




Bookflip prototype for the same comic story ‘Case of Mondays’ created for the visual narrative project.



Teeth Check

Comic strip of checking teeth


Comic strip nature

A comic strip of a ladybird and butterfly on the green plant.


Comic strip Unwell Throat

Short comic strip of a throat unwell then becoming better.